Dan Nebe


Dan, through his musical talents and a shared desire to uplift people, founded and developed the company to its present stature. His vision was to weave together a touch of magic by fostering connections among individuals, employing the universal language of music to help people rediscover themselves. The genuine passion he brings to Team Musicare and the community is evident in the transformative impact he has made. in Just 18 months, Dan took us from him rockin’ solo in one studio to having a creative team of 12 mentors in four different studios. It’s been a wild ride, all thanks to Dan’s dedication and the awesome energy he brings to the table.

Michelle Londy

Accounts manager

Michelle, our dedicated Accounts and Logistics Manager, is the cornerstone of order and efficiency within our organisation. With her keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of financial and logistical intricacies, she ensures that our company’s operations run seamlessly and our organisation stays finely tuned.

Jah-Tian Londy

Office Manager

Jah-Tian, orchestrates our office operations with a perfect blend of efficiency and warmth. With her extensive experience in administration and a deep passion for music, Jah-Tian not only ensures a smoothly run office but also fosters a collaborative and positive work environment. Beloved for her approachability and dedication, Jah-Tian nurtures our workplace culture, making every detail in our day-to-day operations resonate with our company’s values and vision.

Asher Chapman

Operations Manager

Asher, our exceptionally talented Operations Manager and Mentor, stands at the forefront of crafting musical wonders and nurturing a vibrant, creative atmosphere at Team Musicare. His mastery in music production and his inspirational approach to mentorship has made him an invaluable asset to our team.