Our Beginning

Team Musicare’s inception can be traced back to the early months of 2020 when‬ Brisbane native Dan Nebe responded to the global onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a‬ member of the Arts community, Nebe, like many others, faced the sudden loss of income.‬ However, far from accepting a state of inertia, he leveraged his extensive 30-year experience‬ in the entertainment industry to take proactive action.‬

Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Nebe seized the opportunity to launch a music program‬ tailored for the disability community – a project he had been nurturing for some time. Setting‬ up operations within a friend’s studio, Nebe’s venture garnered immediate attention and‬ interest. The word spread rapidly, resulting in a remarkable influx of clients.‬


Reflecting on the journey, Nebe recalls, “It’s quite surreal to contemplate the transition‬ from having just one client dedicating three hours a week initially, to now serving over 130‬ clients.” This growth trajectory underscores the significance of Team Musicare’s impact.‬

From humble beginnings, Team Musicare has evolved into an enterprise with six operational‬ studios manned by a dedicated team of twenty. The progression has been so significant that‬ Team Musicare has proudly established its purpose-built studios in the Clontarf Industrial‬ estate, signifying both a testament to its mission’s success and a new chapter in its‬ remarkable journey.‬

“This is the best thing to happen to the NDIS community”

"Thank you for believing in me”

“Your programs have changed lives”

“The beginning of something big”